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President's Pick - Morocco

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Over the decades, Morocco has been one of our most enchanting destinations. Located in North Africa, just a short ferry ride from Spain, it offers an atmosphere of mystery and romance made ever so popular by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the movie “Casablanca.”  While the world has changed, Morocco still retains the mystery and charm of that bygone era. While the destination is becoming more accessible (new direct flights are being offered this summer), it is the chaotic excitement of the souks, the aroma of the spice bazaars, the vast expanse of the deserts and the rugged peaks of the Atlas Mountains that retain their exotic flavour.

This fall, we have created an exciting new adventure designed to immerse us in the culture, traditions, heritage, colour, scents and experiences that make Morocco such a magical land.  We shall explore the great Imperial cities – Rabat, Fez, Meknes and Marrakech, recently named as the world’s number one tourist destination by Trip Advisor.  And we’ll venture over the Atlas Mountains to the very edge of the massive Sahara Desert.  We will explore the wonderful bazaars (or souks), each of which is a chaotic wonderland of shopping and living experiences, offering more than simple glimpses of the local lifestyles.  But we shall do much more!

On the edge of the Sahara, we will spend a night in a deluxe tented camp, an experience of which dreams are made. Just imagine relaxing with dinner under the desert sky, listening to the haunting sounds of traditional music while gazing at millions of stars over the red desert sands, or taking a ride on a camel, just as the Bedouin nomads do.

Our accommodations throughout the program have been carefully selected to offer the most comfortable and atmospheric locations. In Rabat, enjoy the delightful Villa Mandarine, with its tropical gardens and casual lifestyle ( In Fez and Marrakech, we have accommodation in delightful riads, great houses and palaces that have been converted into exceptional boutique hotels, located within their respective souks. In Fez, we will stay in Riad Dar Bensouda (, while in Marrakech Riad Al Jazira ( Click on the links to learn more about these delightful accommodations. Elsewhere, we have selected similar properties to ensure a most rewarding journey to this fascinating land. This will be an exceptional journey to a kingdom that truly rewards the curious.  I invite you to join Nick and Pam Cannon from October 16 to November 1, 2016 on this magical discovery!

Happy travels,

David Craig

P.S. please note that this group is limited to just 24 members.

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