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COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

At Craig Travel, we understand that in these uncertain times travellers more than ever are seeking peace of mind when planning future trips. We have all seen how quickly things can change and how important it is to be prepared. To ensure you are able to plan your future travel with confidence and without fear of losses or insurance claims, we will be instituting a new temporary policy regarding future bookings.


Passengers wanting to plan future travel can do so now knowing that:

  • Deposit payments are refundable for as long as possible (usually up to 60-95 days before departure) on most group departures. The date on which deposits begin to be non-refundable will be listed on each product page and brochure. Some exceptions may apply.
  • The Administration Fee ($50pp) is waived through 2022.
  • The purchase of travel insurance should be postponed until cancellation penalties begin
  • Consultation fees paid are refundable on all groups cancelled by Craig Travel due to COVID-19


This policy will be valid for all new bookings made on applicable group products for travel departing prior to December 31, 2022. This policy is subject to change.

The Fine Print

The details of the Covid19 cancellation policy relate to group travel products and not to any additional services purchased. Additional arrangements made outside group travel may be subject to different terms and conditions that are outside the control of Craig Travel. All efforts will be made to find the most beneficial outcome to a cancellation of these additional services. Passengers may be offered future travel vouchers with suppliers or Craig Travel as fair compensation of cancelled services only when a full refund is not possible. Some suppliers may require non-refundable deposits and/or define cancellation policies that differ from the above. Please discuss cancellation concerns you may have with a sales agent. Craig Travel reserves the right to adjust this policy at anytime.