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I believe there are three things which make each travel experience a complete success...the anticipation, the journey itself and the memories. And the memories last a lifetime! In my golden years, I plan to let my mind wander to those special places explored in my past, to those travel memories created long ago. One such place I will meander to is stunningly beautiful Tuscany and the amazing hiking tour I recently completed with a wonderful group of travellers.

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I do realize that as we age, our brain functions "differently" than when we were younger; however, I have often wondered why I remember details of certain things which occurred on some travel experiences more than others. And it’s not always the advertised highlights that I remember best. For example, on my first travel industry educational visit to South Africa some twenty years ago, I remember most my first night staying in a rondeval in Kruger National Park. The night was black as coal and someone suggested that we lay on the ground to view the magic above.

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