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What's Cooking in Italy?

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The various regions of Italy offer a cornucopia of food to delight our senses and the regions of Tuscany and Umbria offer some of the best.

Savour its famous delights...freshly made pasta, fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, exquisite extra virgin olive oil, double baked biscotti, aged fine local wine, homemade tiramisu and cannoli pastries and its rich espresso and frothy cappuccino! And let's not forget the best gelato in the world!

Italians are serious about their fine cuisine and wines which they love to share during long meals and lots of conversation. Participating in seasonal gastronomic festivals and cooking lessons/classes/courses has become very popular with travellers who wish to discover the various regional specialties of this treasure-filled Mediterranean country.

As part of the Hill Towns of Tuscany and Umbria Tour which I escorted recently, a cooking demonstration was included in the program. Group members were able to watch, listen and learn as the chef prepared a number of dishes, with members volunteering their assistance in a number of ways.

Whether they enjoy cooking or not, everyone shared some spontaneous fun. The restaurant was closed that day, so we had the place to ourselves....just our group and the friendly chefs! This activity was an opportunity for group members to relax, slow down, and get to know one another. We connected so well some members even broke into song together as we headed back to the coach! Did I mention the wine was delicious?!

Besides being a journey of self-discovery and culinary appreciation (we got to know what really good extra virgin olive oil tastes like, plus we learned about local ingredients, such as the chestnut, with it's importance and use by early inhabitants of the area). Moreover, as the saying goes 'having experiences is living and sharing experiences is loving.' What's not to love about sharing good food and good times with new-found friends at a villa restaurant surrounded by cypress trees, on a Tuscan hilltop amid the soft and magical lighting that is so typical in Tuscany?

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