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What You Had to Say...Indochina Tour Inspires Book!

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"My wife and I traveled with Rob Craig to Vietnam and Cambodia a few years ago; had a wonderful time. It is still one of our favourite trips. And, I got a book out of the deal, and, a publisher.

I am a poet by trade, and was given the opportunity of working with a senior author from the Toronto area, Jennifer Footman a few years back. With her help, I pulled together a full manuscript out of the writings and jottings I had written while on that trip. Although, it is poetry, the book works like a novel, with characters, etc. (all fictional, of course).

It was just released this October. It can be purchased through the publisher, Black Moss Press, on Amazon.ca, indigo.ca or through me at inman@vaxxine.com.

The book has been described as musical, rich, a faith in poetry, and powerful by various reviewers. Below is the preface for the book. Thanks for supplying the memories." Keith Inman

Preface: On his deathbed in a Saskatoon hospital, Tuan Chi tells his daughter that he was dropped from a helicopter onto a US warship in 1975, and that Death clung to him like a wounded comrade. She had no relatives, he said. Both his village and her mother’s (Khmer) had been wiped out, and she, Tara-Linh (Star-spirit) should “Find life.” With husband in tow, whose uncle had been recruited in Newfoundland by the U.S. Army, and never returned from the American war in Vietnam, they fly to Asia to look for life in the war-tired streets of Cambodia and Vietnam.

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