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What to Expect on an American Cruise Lines Cruise

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By its immensity, the continent of North America is a real treasure trove and can be a true spectacle. From deserts to mountains, to immense lakes and forests, North America is a garden where you can loose yourself. Get ready to explore your own backyard with the experts - American Cruise Lines. Here is what to expect on a delightful cruise along North America’s majestic rivers.
Smaller ships with larger staterooms
American Cruise Lines’ 5 ships are the most modern and most environment friendly riverboats available in America. Their small capacity of 100-200 guests create an intimate experience so that you feel comfortable engaging in conversations with other guests. And who knows, they may become lifelong friends… 
After a long day of discovery, there is no more satisfying feeling than enjoying some alone time in a spacious stateroom. You’ll love the feeling that you’re staying in a fine hotel, without having to unpack and pack every day. Pamper yourself and enjoy the scenery gliding by as you sip a glass of wine on your private balcony and appreciate sliding glass doors for incomparable views.   
Gracious service
Before you’ve even set foot onboard one of American Cruise Lines’ ships, you have become the staff’s top priority. Treat yourself to breakfast room service and do not hesitate to mention special requests to the crew. They will be happy to accommodate your desires and ensure that you’re never lacking of anything. You may even be treated to a few surprises along the way upon your return from daily explorations. 
Exquisite cuisine
Let’s leave prejudices aside - American cuisine is not just hamburgers and fried dishes. It can also be lobster Alfredo or a Gulf of Maine cod fillet accompanied by perfectly sautéed vegetables. Did that just whet your appetite? Then you will not be disappointed by the creativity and passion master chefs put into the creation of each of their dishes. Onboard chefs always adapt to the seasons, and make a point at using locally grown and sustainable ingredients, where possible. These are undoubtedly the perfect ingredients to make your dining experience as unforgettable as the passing landscapes. 
Award-winning onboard entertainment
You will be taken through the origins and traditions of American music as you sail along some of the shores where it all started. Country, Jazz, Blues and Rock n’ Roll will hold no more secrets for you. In addition to dancing to the rhythm of America’s greatest music, you will also have the opportunity to delve into the history of the region you’re visiting. Local historians, naturalists and experts will help you broaden your knowledge of American heritage.
Complimentary inclusions
 The below inclusions will put a smile on your face compliments of American Cruise Lines.
o Cocktail hour each evening
o Elevator to all decks
o WiFi throughout the ship
o Pre-Cruise Hotel Package on select cruises
Joined us next year on a discovery of the beautiful Hudson River! Delve into the beauty of fall foliage, learn of the history of the Hudson and experience the incredible service offered by American Cruise Lines. Here is a sneak peek at what awaits you! For more information, email our Cruise Specialists or contact them at 1.800.387.8890.