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What Inspires You to Travel?

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The inspiration to travel, to get out there and explore and discover new shores, is, for me, a never-ending journey; an addiction-like passion for which I never seem to get enough. I believe this is true for all of us who love to travel.

Lorraine Guerreiro, Craig Travel Sales Specialist, recently said "I'm just reading Inferno, a novel by Dan Brown. It takes place in Florence and Venice and once you've been there, it seems that the places come alive so much more." How true this is! Researching a destination before visiting creates a definite anticipation and excitement and when I was selling travel, I always encouraged clients to book early so they could enjoy the months of pre-tour anticipation!

Non-fiction travel books are especially inspiring; tales of true-life experiences such as An Embarrassment of Mangoes by Ann Vanderhoof, who, along with her husband, left their jobs and homes to sail around the Caribbean in their 42nd sailboat for two years. Their tales of the island people they met, the sun-drenched islands they explored and the sheer daring of their adventure, left me wanting to get on a flight to anywhere, to try my hand at some brave adventure. One review for this book stated 'This couple won't be on their deathbeds thinking, "I wish I'd given my crazy dream a try!" Crazy? Brave? Whatever - they took the plunge and did it!

Cruising the Panama Canal was much more meaningful and exciting after reading David McCullough's The Path Between the Seas, detailing how the canal came to be, the agreements between countries, the lives lost in building this massive project, the money spent. Cruising the canal, I could envision those workers toiling in the heat and could hear the sounds of the jungle's birds and monkeys expressing their disdain at having their habitat disrupted.

CNN recently began a travel program titled Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown. Well-known chef, Bourdain, travels to out-of-the-way places and explores, not only the food, but the culture and lifestyle; places like the Congo, Libya and the back streets of Tangiers. These may not be at the top of my list, but they do inspire me, make me curious and drive me to discover more.

People are especially inspiring for many reasons and it is truly the people we meet along the way who inspire a curiosity about a culture, questions about their life and thoughts about what makes them tick. It may be the shy little girl I met in a market in Cuzco, or the old man with the beautiful eyes trudging down a country road with his herd of dirty sheep in Turkey. It may be group members I am escorting; the opportunity to share the experience and to recall it with them when we return. It's wonderful to take travellers to places I've been to before and equally exciting to enjoy with them a destination for the first time. The fun, the adventure, the surprises around every corner, inspire me to continue on this never-ending journey of discovery.

Always, I am looking for the next fascinating person to meet in a faraway place, the next place that is unlike any I've seen before, the next experience to add to that ever-growing bank of memories. What inspires you to travel? Write us at traveltalk@craigtravel.com.