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What’s Your Ideal Vacation Like?

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Would you rather push your limits and experience a place that very few travellers have explored before? Or are you more in the mood for a slower cultural and gastronomic experience?  Either way, you will save up to $4,860 per person! Read on to find out where we are taking you next!   


Antarctic Cruise - A Bucket List Exploration

You can ask any traveller who has taken on the challenge to choose a cold destination for their vacation, not one of them has ever regretted their decision when exploring the White Continent. The reason why? In addition to providing you everything necessary to face the cold comfortably, you are taken to almost inaccessible areas where penguins and other polar species thrive.

For the first time in 2021, we are exploring this secluded part of the world aboard the Ocean Endeavour, purposely built for accessing remote locations. A carefully designed on board program including presentations and workshops will allow you to develop your knowledge about Antarctica all the while you take in the incredible scenes provided by the passing glaciers. Should you want to take advantage of your free time to relax, you are welcome to do so at the on board spa, hot tub or sauna, or at any of the lounges which offer incomparable views.

Don’t you worry, there are plenty of opportunities to go ashore. Twenty zodiacs will lead you to the most remarkable landing areas so you can get up close and personal with penguins and seals. If you are fortunate, you may even spot a whale or leopard seals!

Even though this incredible voyage to the White Continent is over a year away, November 29 is your last chance to save up to $4,860 per person! Don’t wait any longer and contact one of our Cruise Specialists to ensure you are part of our next unforgettable discovery of the Antarctic.


Grand Lower Danube - The Perfect Fall Getaway

Should an exploration of the White Continent not be your cup of tea, we are confident a quiet cruise along the majestic Danube River will fulfil your desires. This river cruise is the ideal voyage for travellers who are looking to experience European charm in a different way. Avoid bigger crowds that the capitals and larger cities are known for. Instead, walk the cobblestone streets of smaller towns and quaint villages. Take your time to take in all the details of Eastern Europe’s traditions and architectural style. Reach the Danube Delta for a nature break and learn about the hundreds of species of birds who are calling this section of the Danube home. Don’t forget to indulge yourselves in diverse local specialties. Cruising to an array of places means you will have the chance to treat your taste buds to a variety of dishes and flavours! Whether it is cabbage soup, Slovak potato pancakes, or with sweet Bulgarian pastries, you will find a delicacy to satisfy your appetite!

Let your captain guide you through majestic gorges and along incomparable countryside as you relax in your favourite lounge chair on the Sun Deck. Doesn't that sound like the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of Fall? Contact one of our Cruise Specialists, and they will ensure that you experience Eastern Europe this time next year.

Remember that if you do so before November 29, you will save $200 per person!