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Virgin Voyages Announces The Valiant Lady

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After the Lady Scarlet, Virgin Voyages has announced  that its brand new lady ship leading guests through the beauty of the Mediterranean will be neamed the Valiant Lady. As her name comes from the Latin word "valēre", which means strong, vigorous and powerful, she will naturally have her home port in the Mediterranean.  

With this new addition to its fleet, Virgin Voyages is empowering female leadership more than ever. This empowerment is not only visible through the ship’s name, but also the company's incredible team of female leaders who made this new project come true. As a matter of fact, the cruise line proudly boasts female leadership positions with the ship’s design, engineering, technical operations and captaining of the fleet. 

Setting sail in May 2021, the Valiant Lady will offer three itineraries to discover the Mediterranean, all departing and returning the her home port in Barcelona, Spain. The first itinerary will highlight the beauty of the French Riviera by visiting the port city of Marseille, with its quaint old port and unmissable Cathedral overlooking the city. Also, explore Monte Carlo, famous for its majestic casino, magnificent royal palace and impressive yachts all docked in the city’s downtown core. 

The second itinerary is a magical combination of French and Italian ports. Delve into the Provencal culture in the heart of Toulon; marvel at Corsica's magnificent coastline in Ajaccio; discover the charm of Cagliari, Sardinia's capital city; take in the sights of Marina di Carrara, known for its mountain where some of the world's purest marble can be found. 

The third itinerary will introduce travellers to the Valiant Lady's home country, beautiful Spain. From Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca, to Malaga and Gibraltar, the Valiant Lady will delight all cruisers seeking an immersion into the Spanish culture. 

Even though the Valiant Lady won’t sail for the first time until next year, it is already possible to book a sailing with her. Contact our Cruise Specialists for more information on the cruises available onboard Virgin's Valiant Lady.