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The vaccination programs in North America and Europe have been moving quickly. Canada currently is rolling out vaccines faster than most countries and have even sped up the program. We are now on pace to have tourism open in both regions by the end of summer 2021. Current trends are focused on lifting travel restrictions based on vaccination status. We expect that this trend will continue until herd immunity is achieved and COVID is finally beaten. We have made the difficult decision to follow this trend and require that all group members be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to departure.

This requirement will help to ensure that our programs are able to operate smoothly from start to finish and give group members peace of mind, allowing everyone the freedom to enjoy their well-deserved travel experience. We are in the process of developing formal procedures on how to implement this new policy and will be in contact with all currently booked group members prior to final payment.  Note: If you are currently booked on one of our journeys and have no intention or desire to be vaccinated, we ask that you contact our office now or as soon as possible to advise us. If you are unable to be vaccinated for medical or other reasons, please let us know and we will counsel you on a case-by-case basis.

As you can appreciate and as we have all seen, the travel landscape is changing at a rapid pace and there will undoubtedly be further adjustments to advisories and travel requirements in the coming months. The trend to check vaccination status before or during travel is sure to be temporary. We intend on limiting or removing this policy as soon as possible, while still being able to provide a safe and smooth travel experience for all our Craig Travellers. We thank you for your understanding.