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Turkey is on the Horizon

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Turkish people are looking forward to opening their arms to you with a warm and a genuine “Tekrar Hoş geldiniz”, Welcome Back! As we all know, over the past four years, Turkey, a land of rich history, captivating heritage that time has left untouched, unparalleled scenery and out of your ordinary cuisine, has been one of the many countries (including France, Belgium, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and the UK among others) that had been victims of saddening attacks. However, time has passed… This vibrant country fears not and welcomes you in discovering the beauty and history of such a magical country.
Don’t let Turkey be a mystery for you, here are a few reasons why you should consider sailing there in the near future.  

Turkey rimes with immensity and diversity
Turkey is a fascinating combination of ancient ruins, scenic shorelines, vibrant mega-cities and remote traditional rural villages, mountains, forests and deserts. In a nutshell, whether you are looking for an active adventure or a deep exploration of Turkey through its symbolic cities, you are in a for a surprising treat!

The best season to visit Turkey?
Summer, fall, winter and spring! Yes - you read that right. All seasons are the perfect occasion to visit Turkey. Because of the country’s geographical location, you will always be able to find something do to, year round. However keep in mind that just like most other tourist destination, summer is the busiest time of the year - especially at the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. But this grants you the opportunity and insight to visit less touristic sights and enjoy the beauty of cooler forests and mountains. 

Turkish food is an explosion of flavours
If your idea of Turkish traditional food is kebab and baklava, then you must experience Turkey! Turkey has a very well developed culinary identity and varies drastically from one end of the country to the other. Sail the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts and treat your taste buds to fresh fish, seafood, olives and an array of fresh herbs and greens. Should you desire to discover the regions nestled along the Black Sea, you will be welcomed to more hearty dishes mainly composed of locally grown corn, kale, beans and dairy products. Mulhama, a melted cheese and cornmeal dish, will give you all the energy you’d need for a nice hike.

Tea is more than a staple, it is an art
Forget about tea bags or strainers, you will learn how to make proper tea using the traditional çaydanlık, two-stacked pots. The water in the bottom vessel is mixed together with the very concentrated brew found in the top vessel, obtaining the perfect balance or aroma black tea offers. Anywhere you may go, Turkish people will want to pour some of their freshly brewed beverage into a tulip-shaped cup for you, as a gesture of hospitality.    

Istanbul, a capital-like city
Even though Istanbul does not have the title of “Turkey’s capital”, it is an incredible cultural and economical hub where the East and the West come together. Modernity meets heritage and history in a sublime and delicate way… Here are 10 facts about Istanbul that will make you wish you were there right now.

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Enjoy the views of Istanbul,Explore the lively bazaars of Istanbul,Sunset and freshly brewed Turkish tea make for a great evening!