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Tour Escort Report - Norway, Land of the Midnight Sun by Malcolm Sinclair

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On our first trip to Norway some years ago, we had a brief taste of Oslo, with its’ battle-worn castle and friendly Royal Family and a few days at a big festival in a small, out-of the-way village. Pretty special in welcome, history and beauty. Our appetite was whetted for our upcoming Hurtigruten cruise, Norway, Land of the Midnight Sun with Craig Travel. This Norwegian voyage was spectacular from start to finish. Touring Bergen at the beginning and at the end of our time on board, and Oslo at the end of the tour itself, were magical. History and contemporary life mingled beautifully, with great restaurants and amazing shopping.

Our ship for the occasion was the ms Nordnorge. What a beauty; a combination working ship and cruiseliner. Passengers like us were onboard for the entire voyage to the top of the world and back, but each day many local people got on and off, all along the coast to shop, attend school or visit friends and family. The ships' crew was efficient, expert and also full of fun. When crossing the Arctic Circle, passengers were invited to experience a truly chilling ceremony of glacial proportions followed by a welcome tot of aquavit. You'll see!

Food on board was delicious, featuring fresh seafood and other tasty entrees. Breakfast and lunch were buffet style with plenty of variety. Dinners were elegantly served by a warm and friendly summer staff of students from the region. The ship docked at villages large and small, sometimes for mere minutes, and sometimes for a few hours, wherein we could walk about to see the cities and towns. The included tours were excellently led and gave us much of the richness of the scenes. From cathedrals to fish farms, city centres to small Arctic villages at the top of the globe, we found ourselves among bright, articulate people with a great sense of national pride and a wicked sense of humour.

Since daylight lasts for twenty-four hours in high summer, we, one night left the ship and headed for the Arctic Cathedral in Tromso for a midnight concert. With the sun shining high overhead, we listened in wonder to a world-famous Norwegian a cappella singing group. They stole our hearts. At the end of the concert, the musicians lined the exit hallway and sang us out into the midnight sun. That sweet and tender gesture summed up the hearty warmth of Norway and its’ people. Our trip was as unforgettable as the sun was bright.

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