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Tour Escort Report - Ireland by David McKane

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Did you hear of the Irishman who walked out of a bar? It could happen! Or the Irish tap dancer who fell into the sink and broke her ankle? Ah, Ireland, the land of saints and scholars, wonderful scenery, rich history, the extension of North America's  Adirondack Trail and  the geology of South America, world class golf courses, the world famous Giant's Causeway, toe-tapping music and stories that seldom allow  the truth to interfere with the telling and leave you wondering. A little something for everyone not to forget the many fine libations and friendly people.

The Craig Tour of Ireland covers many of the highlights of this fascinating island whose people have gifted the United States with 22 if its 44 Presidents. It also has many Canadian connections from Brendan's voyage to Newfoundland in the sixth century AD through D'Arcy McGee, a Father of Confederation, to Oscar nominated author and screen writer Emma Donoghue and Canada's best-selling author, Patrick Taylor of the Irish Doctor series.

Two weeks is such a short time and yet Craig Travel has managed to include the best and most important highlights of this relatively small island with such a rich history. I have been privileged to lead several tours to this, my homeland, and my last tour in September of 2015 was no different, as we travelled with the remarkable "Willie" our coach driver,  National Guide and "mother hen" who delights, explains, guides, teaches, cajoles and encourages us throughout each day with genuine warmth and gentle humour.

Anyone who signs on for one of these tours will come home singing the praises of Ireland along with Mollie Malone, perhaps having discovered your roots, something of its Celtic past, its troubled history, its rich literature or perhaps a new appreciation for its place in the world. Warm, welcoming and occasionally wet, be sure to add Ireland to your "bucket list" and allow us to share with you one of the world's delightful gems.

Upcoming available Ireland adventures - June 10,  September 2,  September 23

Cliffs of Moher - credit David McKane,Giant's Causeway - credit David McKane,Greetings from Magilicuddy Reeks!  credit David McKane,Dingle Peninsula - credit Robert Craig,Ireland, with many pubs to enjoy!,Adare, Ireland.