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The world is not getting enough sleep… But there’s a remedy for it!

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Can you guess which nation ranked first place on the list of “the most sleep deprived countries”? Good news, it is not Canada… But it’s not so much of great news for our cousins the British as the UK is the most sleep deprived country in the world! This is what came out of the 10th Annual Relaxation Survey led by Princess Cruises and Wakefield Research. By analysing 10 years of data on sleep and vacation habits, researchers came to the conclusion that the increase of stress and lack of relaxation is a global trend. The survey also revealed that only 58% of the surveyed population took all of their allocated vacation days the previous year. In addition to that, they learned that when adults take time off, 81% of them do so to catch up on sleep.

With limited time off and an urge to sleep more, it became clear to Princess Cruises that they had to find a way to maximize their guests’ vacation time and give them some muh needed sleep.

By collaborating with sleep certified Dr. Michael Breus, the cruise line developed the Princess Luxury Bed offering the ultimate sleep experience at sea. Princess Cruises’ perfect mattress features a plush 2-inch thick pillow top, a 9-inch medium mattress for support, individually wrapped coils to reduce sleep disturbance when sleeping with a partner, a European inspired duvet as well as luxurious woven cotton linens for comfort.

In addition to this sophisticated and scientifically designed mattress, Princess Cruises guests are treated to a sleep-friendly sensory experience throughout the night. As Dr. Breus sited “It is important to remember that above all, sleep is a sensory experience. In fact, all five of your senses must be prepared for slumber in order for sleep to come easily and last all night long.” The ultimate Luxury Princess mattress, in addition to special lighting in your stateroom, natural ocean sounds, aromatherapy and an array of sleep-friendly meals on the room service menu will combine to create the best environment for you to enjoy a restorative sleep experience throughout your voyage.

Are you ready for your incomparable and restful voyage onboard one of Princess Cruises’ ships? Contact our Cruise Specialists for more information on the ships and voyages that feature this unique bed.

In the meantime, try enhancing your sleep patterns by watching these five recommendations from Dr. Michael Breus.