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The Tragedy in Sri Lanka

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We are all deeply saddened by the horrible and tragic terrorist activities in Sri Lanka that occurred on Easter Sunday. Our deepest sympathy and prayers go to everyone in Sri Lanka, especially the families who lost loved ones and those injured in this senseless act. Our immediate reaction to the tragedy is anger and sorrow, that anyone could commit such a horrific act.

Like most everyone, I am at a loss for words to express how deeply this and similar acts affect us and the world at large. We are changed but, at the same time, we must move forward and continue with life.

After every event of this type, security is increased and immense precautions are taken to prevent any possible repetition. In Sri Lanka, the government is taking extraordinary steps to remove anyone who may be associated with the bombing off the streets and out of society. Moving forward, the people of Sri Lanka will live with increased security in their daily lives. Similarly, throughout the world, security will be increased and potential threats will be found and removed from society. We will learn to live with this increased security and we will get on with our lives.

On a more personal level, we must decide for ourselves exactly how we will react and if we will let this or any other terrorist activity affect our lives. If we change our ways, we are admitting defeat. Clearly, we must recognize the reality of a changed world without giving up those realities that we treasure, like the freedom to enjoy life, move freely, travel, learn and experience the many things our world has to offer.