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The Holy Land and Jordan

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Without a doubt, the Holy Land is one of the world’s most enduring destinations. For over two thousand years it has held the world’s attention, being the centre of three of the world’s greatest religions. Through countless decades of conflict (one could even say over 2,000 years of conflict), Israel remains steadfast in the minds of tourists and pilgrims alike. In many ways, it is a marketing manager’s dream destination.

Though I have travelled to this land many times, I am still fascinated by its strong association with my religious beliefs, the birthplace of Christ and of Christianity. We are still able to transform ourselves back in time, to appreciate the many events that took place two thousand years ago and to bring to life the stories of the Bible. To walk where Jesus walked along the Via Dolorosa or on the shores of the Sea of Galilee; to sit on the Mount of Beatitudes and relive the Sermon on the Mount; to explore Nazareth, the childhood town of Jesus and to visit Bethlehem, his birthplace. There is no better way to renew one’s faith than by exploring those sites where Jesus lived, prayed and taught.

Of course, today Israel is a living, thriving country. Those who have never visited Israel often dwell on the various conflicts facing the country. They are always surprised by all that the country has to offer in addition to the religious sites and relics of the past. Through modern techniques, this once desert land is once again blooming with new life. People live their lives, work and enjoy the pleasures of life – a day at the beach, a concert and so much more.

Jordan, Israel’s neighbour to the east, provides other insights into the ancient times. At Petra, we find the magnificent remains of an ancient civilization, lost to the world for some 800 years. We also follow the route of the Israeli tribes as they made their way to the Promised Lands of Moses. The last few years have seen interest in Israel skyrocket. Statistics indicate that more people are exploring this land now, than at any time in history. This is the fourth year that Brian Galligan has escorted this journey, always with a great group of fellow travellers and always to rave reviews.

If you have never walked the cobbled streets of old Jerusalem, nor sailed on the Sea of Galilee; if you have never visited the Garden of Gethsemane or the Church of the Nativity; if the Lands of the Bible are on your bucket list; I invite you to join Brian Galligan and experience our Journey to the Holy Land and Jordan. Departing November 9, 2017 for 19 days, this is a journey which will inspire you, renew your faith and leave you a more insightful person on your return. At least once in your lifetime, I encourage you to experience the ancient and modern treasures of these lands. Reserve your space soon as space is filling quickly!