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The Emerald Isle

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With spring now upon us, our minds are undoubtedly thinking about the coming "green" season. And nowhere is this more relevant than in Ireland, the Emerald Isle and the destination that reminds me most of lush greens, wonderful coastlines, quaint villages, wonderful, friendly faces and, of course, the local pub - the centre of Irish social life. This year we are seeing more interest and more flights to Ireland than ever before. And could there be a better way to put the blahs of our long, frigid winter behind us than anticipating a journey to this ever-so-enchanting destination?

One of our most popular and endearing adventures, the “Best of Ireland” really does offer the best of the Emerald Isle. From north to south and from east to west, we explore all that Ireland has to offer. Historic Belfast and the gracious beauty of Downpatrick lead us north to the Beautiful Glens of Antrim with their rolling hills and dramatic views of the sea. The Giant's Causeway is a natural wonder that one really must experience to appreciate. The west coast brings a rugged beauty that is only matched by the spectacular landscapes and scenery of the Cliffs of Moher, Dingle Peninsula and the inspiring Ring of Kerry, certainly one of my most favourite drives in the world. Each day on this leisurely journey provides new and different visions and opportunities to experience the charming and spectacular sites and to enjoy the hospitality of the Irish.

This is an island not to be rushed and certainly having two or three nights in each of our carefully selected hotels ensures a most comfortable pace. Combined with two hearty meals a day, the best guide in Ireland and the greenest sites you will ever see, you are free to enjoy the island without a care in the world.

While our May and August departures are sold out, we do have limited space on our September 19th departure and our June 13th departure is on request. Both are ideal months in which to enjoy this destination.


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