Staff Profile - Sharon Bahadur | Tour Specialist | Craig Travel

Staff Profile - Sharon Bahadur | Tour Specialist

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What is your position at Craig Travel? 
I have enjoyed the position of Tour Sales Specialist at Craig Travel for seven years now, since 2012.  In this role we have the pleasure of speaking directly with Craig Travellers, assisting them with travel arrangements so they don’t have to stress over the planning process.  It’s quite rewarding to hear the passion our travellers have for travel and to hear about their experiences when they return from their travels. 

What destination(s) do you consider your areas of expertise? 
I would say, India, China, Newfoundland and Labrador, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Iceland, Peru.

How long have you been involved in the travel industry? And in what capacities?
The Travel Industry is my second career and I’ve been in this industry for about 7 years now. I am a greenhorn so to speak; however, a fast learner!

What are your favourite two destinations and why?
I would have to say China and India and it is because of my roots. Not to mention the very rich history and entertaining, countless languages, exotic spices, tea, colours, the culture and the list goes on.

Craig Travel’s mission is to provide all-inclusive, first class, group travel to the mature market. What attracted you to this specialized type of travel company?
The detail is complete for those clients who just want to enjoy the destination and not bother with the little things, so they get to go with the flow and focus on enjoying the local culture, history and everything else the country has to offer. We are also able to add to that group itinerary for individuals who wish to spend more time, either pre or post group tour. It’s a customized addition for those who do not want to return home just yet. I enjoy working with Craig Travel because we sell travel products that have been experienced, and customized by our President/Chairman with their own personal touch. Each unique itinerary gets better and better every year with our client’s feedback too. Another point I would like to mention is that no one likes surprises when it comes to budgeting for a journey. Our clients know what to expect prior to being in the destination and they know upfront what the tour costs and what is included. I would like that for myself as well when travelling.

What are some of the destinations on your bucket list?
Morocco is top on my list, then Iceland, Peru, and Japan. Although we do not sell Egypt at the moment, it is on my bucket list as well.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Knowing that with each reservation, we get to meet new or returning clients and hearing that they enjoyed their tour, were satisfied with their travel experience with us, and/or are about to have their first experience with Craig Travel and are very excited.

What other things might our readers be interested in learning about you? 
For me each interaction I have with our travellers is what I would want on the receiving end.  I strive to put a priority on warm, friendly and personal service while continuing to learn as I go along.  

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