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Staff Profile - Mayrela Donis

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Mayrela graduated from the Travel College of Canada in 2008. She was born in Cuba and worked in several beach resorts on Varadero Beach. Mayrela has lived in Canada for fifteen years. Her love for travel developed when she did some independent travel to Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Euro Disney in France and Spain. All of her travels to Europe have been independent and staying with locals she had meet while working at the resorts. She has worked for different corporate travel companies and became a Visa travel specialist while working at CIBT. She is very happy to be back on the leisure travel side of the industry with Craig Travel.

Mayrela, what are your favorite destinations?
Spain, Netherlands, Cuba

What do you enjoy about travel, about life, about cultures, food… what are your passions?
I’m very adventurous and enjoy people in general. Travelling allows me to experience new cultures and lifestyles first hand and exchange personal experiences. With regards to food, I would try almost anything as long as it isn’t moving!

What do you do in your spare time?
Being a busy mom of two young children pretty much takes up most of my “free” time.

What you are looking forward to doing and learning at Craig Travel?
I’m very excited to return to leisure travel and I’m looking forward to learning all about cruises and escorted groups. I would love to become a tour escort one day.

Where you would like to travel in the future?
On my bucket list is a Mediterranean cruise, European river cruise, Machu Pichu, Peru and Easter Island.