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Spring and Mother Earth

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Spring seems later every year ...

The elusive time which we call Spring
when flowers bloom and birds do sing.
And yet the elements do plot
to give us one more parting shot
of Winter harsh, and oh, so cruel
to remind us yet who makes the rules.

The power to bring us all good things
is shaded by this weather thing.
Mother Nature should be more kind
but after all she must remind
that we’ve not done her well of late
with pollution, waste, and oceans state.

Curing these ills may take more hours
than the Keeper of the Earth allows
for time is short and Mother’s tired ...
from decades toiling in the mire
the time and fortitude it takes
is finite and with such a fate.

As once was said by greater minds
a Silent Spring’s not far behind ...
It will take more than time and wealth
to bring about Earth’s better health.
We have conquered time and space
surely to goodness, we can win this race!

John Ecclestone   2016