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South India - by David McKane

South India - Silk, Spice and Sand by David McKane

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Two years ago, I had the pleasure to escort Craig Travellers to a lesser known region of India. Our journey to South India was a little gem. It was well resourced and apart from one very long day, from the house boats to Cochin on the coach, the pace was excellent.

The hotels, while all different, were excellent and gave interesting insights into India. All had their own charm and locations were excellent.  A wonderful variety. Everyone wished to stay longer at the Shalimar in Periyar and on the house boats.  All hotels were air-conditioned, for which we gave thanks daily and all had Wi-Fi, though it worked at its own speed in some places.  The staff were consistently excellent throughout.  Difficult to choose a best. Certainly the Shalimar and the beautiful Heritage Resorts rated highly with the group. The beds were consistently excellent throughout.

Our guide, Mr. Kabeer, was quite wonderful; great with people and a great sense of humour. Some group members said he was the best they had travelled with and he’s definitely worth asking for again. Our tour operator was very attentive in checking in with me to make sure everything was running smoothly. 

The Temple Towns were fascinating and cruising the backwaters of Kerala kept us all enthralled. Lifestyles are simple and likely have not changed in many generations. The sights were varied and diverse…magnificent seaside rock carvings, colourful spice markets, temple complexes teeming with people, wonderful beaches and lots of wildlife. 

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