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South Africa Soup Kitchen Thank You

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Each year, Craig Travel, with the assistance of our South Africa group members, supports a local soup kitchen and nursery school.  Below is a note of thanks from Edna Light, who created this program many years ago and it is a program that Craig Travel is pleased to support.

"I am writing to thank you on behalf of the Plett Meal Centre and Eyethu Educate for your generous donation of CAD$500 received recently.  You cannot know how much it is appreciated.  We have had a very challenging year, firstly with extreme drought and secondly with a devastating fire.  Both of these, as you can imagine, affected the economy of our town very seriously.  It is often the poorest who suffer most as you know.  Your July gift made a great difference and we are very thankful.  I know that, worldwide, there have been problems and we are only able to continue our work because of the unfailing support of our Canadian friends."

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