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South Africa Soup Kitchen Says "Thank You"

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We wish to thank our clients who have been so generous this year, with donations to our South Africa AfriCAN Link Fund.  

With our return to South Africa this past October, following a two-year halt due to Covid, our latest group had the opportunity to view this project firsthand, which Craig Travel and our group members have supported for many years.  As you can imagine, with fewer visitors and difficult times for local suppliers (meaning fewer food donations), the need is ever greater.  The pandemic also dealt a devastating blow to employment in the area and the hunger situation is paramount.

By teaming up with Wesley United many years ago, Craig Travel has arranged a system by which our clients may donate through Wesley United and receive a receipt for Income Tax purposes. Donations are sent twice each year (May and November) and a tax receipt is issued the following January. It is important to note that every cent donated goes for its intended purpose, with no administrative deductions except for bank charges.

The AfriCan Link Fund was established at Wesley United Church in Cambridge, Ontario following the attendance of Mary Weismiller at the Ecumenical Decade for Women Conference in Durban South Africa in 1992. It was there that she met Edna and the late Rev. Ray Light, who in 1998 began a project to feed, teach and help the area's disadvantaged. Edna’s tireless efforts sparked the start of Wesley’s AfriCan Link Fund to assist in providing necessary financial support. Over the years Edna has faithfully shared her gifts, talents and resources with many positive results, not the least of which is the creation of the Qol Weni soup kitchen which serves over 300 meals of soup and bread daily and more recently the Eyethu Educare Centre for pre-schoolers ages 3 to 6. Money received also goes to help provide school uniforms and shoes for the children as they are not allowed to attend school without them.

“Wesley United Church has been a supporter since the beginning, and in 2008 welcomed Craig Travel and its clients to share in this opportunity “to give.” The experience of seeing both the "trouble and the beauty" of South Africa is one that won't easily be forgotten. The sharing of a meal in a South African home and the firsthand opportunity to learn more about the culture from those who live it, is a life changing experience…one offered uniquely by Craig Group Travel. The generosity of Craig Travel and its clients has meant thousands of dollars to buy nutritious soup powder and bread for this squatter community and keep its most vulnerable children out of harm’s way,” says Mary Weismiller.

Please send your donation to:
Mrs. Mary Weismiller
6 Burnside Drive, Glen Morris, ON, N0B 1W0
Please make cheques payable to Wesley United Church / AfriCan Link Fund
Be sure to include your donation amount, your name and full address (address, city, province, and postal code) plus the date you travelled to South Africa with Craig Travel, if applicable.

We thank all of you for your continued support!