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Social Media Responsibility While Travelling

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Craig Travel is passionate about protecting wildlife. Poachers are savvy and are using tourists to locate their chosen game. Did you know that one rhino horn is selling for one million dollars on the black market?

Unsuspecting travellers that post photos on social media often don’t realize that the post can contain a geotag with the GPS location of where you are posting from. Keep your posts private using the tips below on turning off geotagging. 
If anyone asks you about the location where the photo was taken, answer vaguely.  We all have a responsibility to protect the world’s vulnerable wildlife.

How To Turn O Geotagging

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Camera select Never/Turn off. You can turn off Location Services entirely if you prefer.

Open the Camera app, go to settings and switch off GPS tagging.

Click the right corner gear icon to check your Privacy Settings. Set who can view your info, posts and updates. Go to the Timeline and Tagging section to disable selected friends from tagging and/or checking you in at a location.

Click your profile picture in the right corner and select Settings to see what the public can view, who can search for you and what social networks may be associated with your account.

Default settings disable geotagging. Check your settings: In the phone/tablet app, open Twitter app > Settings Menu > Location Services. On a computer, click the right corner gear icon > Settings > Privacy Settings.