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Small Ship Cruising Fast Facts

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Interested in small ship cruising? Travelling on small ships with fewer guests is on the rise among travellers. The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has uncovered some interesting facts about small ship cruising.

Five fast facts about small ship cruising:

1. Small Ships Can Cruise the World: Contrary to popular myth, small ships have the ability to sail to a myriad of destinations around the world, some of which are unattainable by bigger ships. Small ships often cruise along famous and historic rivers, offering a chance for the mode of transportation to become a wonder in itself. To create an even more memorable experience, many small ship cruise lines also offer themed itineraries that focus on different interests like diving or beer tasting.

2. Small Ship Cruising is Affordable for a Variety of Budgets: In the case of small ship cruising, exclusivity and intimacy don’t mean the experience is unattainable for the majority. In fact, small ship cruises are affordable at a variety of different price points.

3. Small Ships Offer Unique Experiences Onboard and On Shore: Just because smaller ships lack space doesn’t mean they lack amenities or entertainment. In fact, on many small ships the crew-to-traveler ratio is quite impressive, with some ships having a nearly one-on-one service ratio. Another large draw to small ship cruising is sailing to unique destinations thought nearly unattainable by ship and being able to enjoy all that those destinations have to offer on-land with port-intensive itineraries.

4. Small Ship Cruising is Flexible to Each Traveller: Just because the ships are smaller doesn’t mean the schedule or planning is more rigid. In fact, small ship cruising lends itself to creating personalized trips for every type of traveler. There is something for everyone on a cruise, no matter the size of the ship.

5. Small Ship Cruising Differs from Large Ship Cruising in Ways Big and Small: It’s no secret that small ship cruising differs from travel on larger vessels, but small ships have points of differentiation that can make even the most skeptical cruise traveler fall in love. Small ships can navigate more narrow channels, offering a chance for cruisers to visit hidden gems unattainable by other means of sailing.

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