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Sail Away With a Culinary Prodigy

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Besides being essential to every human’s survival, well-being and good health, food is a powerful tool that brings people together, no matter what their origins, social class, age or language may be. Food unites individuals and is a captivating perspective to delve into a country’s traditions and culture. And it is even more so when you get to experience local tastes with extremely talented Chefs…  
The best culinary Chefs are known for not only finding the perfectly balanced combination of spices and fresh ingredients; they are also remarkable at seasoning their dishes with thoughtfulness, creativity and personality. By collaborating with the James Beard Foundation, an organization committed to culinary education, Windstar Cruises enables you to encounter those exceptionally talented chefs. Be ready to see your regular dinner transformed into an explosion of fine tastes.

Not only will you treat your palate to the finest food experiences, you will also partake in the process of creating a culinary masterpiece. Follow along your James Beard Foundation’s Chef on a stroll to the local market. Keep all your senses alert as you learn how to pick the freshest local ingredients. Back aboard your floating home, assist your culinary prodigy in creating mouth-watering garlic and pepper sautéed octopus, or pan-seared scallops in their Thai green curry sauce. In addition to that, if you are a wine aficionado, you will adore partaking in a wine-pairing session with expert sommeliers.


Has this whet your appetite? This June, cruise the Mediterranean with Chef Jamie Leeds, one of Washington’s most talented chefs and restaurateurs. She will guide you through the different steps of her favourite recipes all while you take in the sights of the Mediterranean coast. See the majestic Royal Palace of Monte Carlo; hike to Santa Margherita in Portofino for the best sights of this colourful Italian city; stroll along the quaint port of Sanary-sur-Mer as the wind plays along with fishermen boats’ clinking masts. 


Join Chef Duskie Estes in Vancouver this September for a culinary journey along the West Coast. You will adore strolling the aisles of Seattle’s Pike Place Market; explore the delightful Farmer’s Market of San Francisco and enjoy the sights of the city’s most famous landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge, from a unique perspective as you sail right underneath this architectural masterpiece. 

If you’ve been meaning to cross Venice off of your bucket list for a few years, you may not want to miss the opportunity to sail to this romantic city accompanied by Chef Chris Pandel. He is a true expert in making handmade pastas, pizzas and all other Italian delicacies. Nestled a few kilometres away from the Italian coast, the Dalmatian Coast will treat you to peculiar architecture and heritage, accompanied by perfectly grilled sardines.  

Is one of these cruise itineraries tickling your palate? Contact our Cruise Specialists to inquire about Windstar’s remarkable culinary themed cruises.


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