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Record Breaking Numbers Visit Israel

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Canadians are flocking to Israel, with, according to the latest figures from the Israel Tourist Board, a 25% increase in numbers arriving via Ben Gurion airport in the past twelve months. Visitors are perhaps discovering one of today’s best kept tourism secrets. A visit to the Lands of the Bible has always been a wonderful way to renew one’s faith, to gain insights into the meaning of the Bible and to offer a better understanding of the three major religions and the two peoples that make up Israel today. But by the latest visitor numbers, we see that visitors are perhaps finding additional reasons to explore this fascinating land.

While travellers may not consider a vacation to Tel Aviv as a beach destination, it is true that this vibrant city is considered to have one of the best beaches in the world. It’s Mediterranean climate makes it attractive year round and its’ colorful markets, cutting edge culture and entertainment, outstanding nightlife & exciting culinary scene are a complete surprise to first time visitors.

And then there’s Jerusalem, one of the world’s most famous and fascinating cities. At 3,000 years old, the city’s historic sites and architectural treasures interspersed with today’s modern attractions, shopping malls, charming outdoor cafes and a vibrant cultural and culinary scene, present a city whose past is ever present and a future that is full of promise. During the day, you can visit the Israel Museum to view the infamous Dead Sea Scrolls, then in the evening take in a Ringo Starr or Andre Rieu concert. Or enjoy Israel’s award-winning wines and beers that attract enthusiasts from around the world.

Tourists continue to flock to the soothing waters of the famous Dead Sea. The Atmosphere here is different because the sea salt dissolves into healthy, rich minerals you absorb through the air. And the Dead Sea mud with which visitors slather on their bodies, has proven health benefits.

Whether to renew your faith and discover where it all began, or to take in the vibrant, exciting Israel of today and tomorrow, this is a destination not to be missed or misunderstood. Go….to discover the lands of the Bible and to experience the strikingly modern Israel of today.

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