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President's Pick - Treasure of the Caucasus by Robert Craig

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Each year we develop new products to destinations which might prove interesting to our more seasoned travellers who enjoy the opportunity to get off the beaten track and discover something different. When those destinations prove to be successful we continue to develop them. The Caucasus is one of those journeys.  May 3 - 21, 2020.  

Our journey combines Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, the countries that make up the lower Caucasus, the lands that lie between and connect the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. These former Soviet Republics share stunning mountain backdrops, powerful stone architecture and a solid code of hospitality.

One might easily describe this as the crossroads between Asia and Europe, between the Middle East and the Russian plains to the north. The legendary Silk Road meanders across these lands as it makes its way from China to Istanbul and on to Venice. There is no doubt that these lands are steeped in history both ancient and modern.

Regarding modern time, it was just 27 years ago, in the 90s that this region won its independence from the Soviets. Since then each country has developed independently, preserving their unique heritage and restoring their historic relics. Today, while Azerbaijan is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with all its oil and gas reserves, all three nations are showing national pride and economic independence. The region has a surprisingly wonderful diversity and natural beauty with its rugged peaks and tranquil valleys, its modern developments and quaint historic cities.

The tourist infrastructure has enjoyed great investments and you will find our accommodations, restaurants and many other services to be of world class standards, while the countryside retains its rustic charms. Much that was great about the region – friendly people, historic monuments, religious dedication, amazing architecture and magnificent landscapes are still there to be savoured and enjoyed. Each country is unique from the others, making this journey a truly enlightening adventure in all respects.

I encourage you to peruse our journey for all of the details, then reserve your space early on this exciting discovery! Contact Sales Specialist Sharon Bahadur or call Sharon at 1-800-387-8890 ext.200 for all of the details. Book by November 29 and save $200 per person.

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