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President's Pick - March 2014

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The Canadian Maritimes
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

July 10, 2014 – 12 Days

Each year we receive requests from you, our travellers, for new destinations and new itineraries.  In recent years, there appears to be more interest in exploring various parts of Canada, and more specifically, the byways and centres of the Maritimes – Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick.

This is a region in which I spent much of my earliest days of tour leading – exploring historic Halifax, beautiful Peggy’s Cove, the Annapolis Valley, St Andrew’s-by-the-Sea, Moncton’s Magnetic Hill and the Tidal Bore, Anne of Green Gables and the wonderful beaches of the Island. A definite highlight of any journey to our eastern provinces is the drive over the magnificent Cabot Trail, on the northern tip of Cape Breton. I have such fond memories of this region that it really is impossible to pick a favourite spot. One thing that I do know – the natural wonders that I recall from fifty years ago are still there and still hold a very special place in my memory.

This delightful part of Canada is often left off one’s  “bucket list” as being too close to home, or a destination that we can visit another time. Well, there is no time like the present and with the recent decline in the purchasing power of our dollar, the Atlantic Provinces now offer value and no surprises. We’ve carefully selected hotels to ensure comfortable surroundings and great locations. And this is a casual, easy journey that virtually any traveller can enjoy – an old fashioned coach tour highlighting all the best of the east coast.

You’ll enjoy one charming site after another….a stroll in historic Lunenburg (a UNESCO World heritage Centre) and postcard perfect Mahone Bay. Relax overlooking the Bay of Fundy at the classic Digby Pines Resort, one of the east coast’s traditional resorts. Stay in the heart of Saint John, one of Canada’s oldest cities and marvel at the Reversing Falls and the huge tide for which the Bay of Fundy is justly renowned. Wander around the huge flower pot-like formations known as the Hopewell Rocks.  Enjoy a feast of lobster as we cruise Shediac Bay on a lobster boat. Then experience a new wonder, a drive across Confederation Bridge which connects to PEI.  Enjoy the rolling green fields, rich red soil and sparkling white sands as we explore the island, Canada’s smallest but vitally important province. Finally, returning to the mainland, journey up onto Cape Breton to Baddeck (Alexander Graham Bell’s favourite place); drive around the beautiful Cabot Trail and visit the fully restored fortress of Louisbourg, once France’s strongest foothold in the New World.

This wonderfully charming part of Canada deserves at least one visit in every Canadian’s lifetime. Come with us as we discover the beauty, friendliness and natural wonders of the Canadian Maritimes.

 The Canadian Maritimes, July 10 2014

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