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President's Pick Japan, With Exceptional Savings!

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2023 is right around the corner and I cannot think of a better destination to begin a traveller’s yearning to return to discovering our world, than exploring Japan at sakura cherry blossom time. The timing is perfect if you are looking to get away before the start of spring. Departing March 21 to April 4 the weather in Japan is very pleasant and the cherry blossoms are expected to be in full bloom. In addition, we are offering exceptional, limited time savings of $700 per person for bookings made by December 6 only!

The contrasting sights and diverse experiences that this tour offers, all evoke feelings of fascination and wonder. It’s why we operate this departure every year. From the ultra-modern to centuries old traditions and an ancient culture that is unique from anywhere else on the planet, this is what discovering our world is all about. As one of our group members commented, “We were not prepared for everything Japan has to offer.”

Group members often speak about the ultra-modern cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, contrasting with the charming, centuries old, mountain villages with their traditional thatched roof homes. A highlight always mentioned is experiencing an overnight stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan and wearing the special yukata (Japanese dressing gown) to dinner that evening. Travelling on the high speed bullet trains is always described as “very impressive.” Also impressive is the pristine cleanliness of the country and the graciousness of the Japanese people.

Incredible temples and historic castles; stunning Japanese gardens with intricate landscaping, flowering trees and lakes; the delightful wooden houses of Takayama; a lesson in creating traditional Japanese washi paper and wandering the gardens of bright orange Shinto Shrines; all are examples of what’s in store. Towering Mt. Fuji is a spectacular sight against a clear blue sky. We visit Hiroshima and the Peace Memorial Museum and Park, an incredibly sobering and reflective day. A fascinating walk through Kyoto explores the narrow cobblestone streets past tiny shops and into the part of town where the Geisha still work and live. Many young women here and in other parts of the country still wear the traditional kimono, white socks and wooden clogs. For all of the exciting details, visit our website.

Japan is an exceptionally unique and special destination. If you have not yet discovered it, now is the time and our once-only offer of $700 off per person will not be repeated or extended, so reserve your space by December 6 while space is still available!

Note: Many of our winter tours are filling quickly or are already sold out. Do not wait to make your plans.

Happy Travels,

Robert Craig, President

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