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President's Pick - Hiking Through Tuscany

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There is an undeniable charm in the stunning landscapes, rolling hills, neat vineyards and ancient hill towns of Italy’s Tuscany region and one of the best ways to experience it, is to hike into its special places. We are thrilled to announce our return here, following a hiatus of the last few years. If you have not explored this part of Italy and you love to hike, I highly encourage it.

Our 2023 hiking journey takes place October 6 – 19, a fantastic time to visit; the weather is warm and comfortable and it’s harvest time, when the countryside takes on a golden glow, separated only by the tall, perfectly shaped cypress trees and olive groves.

We begin in Montecatini Terme, a popular hill town and spa centre in southern Tuscany where we stay for six nights. A relaxing start with no unpacking and packing and delightful days hiking through vineyards and woods, sometimes stopping for a vineyard tour, wine tasting and lunch at a local farm.

Our coach will take us to the Florence area where we will hike on top of the hills before walking into Florence to explore the city and see the sites. It is said that Florence is possibly the greatest repository of art in the world, from extraordinary paintings and sculptures to frescoes and architectural masterpieces, created by Michelangelo and many other great masters.

The medieval hilltowns of San Gimignano and Vinci, which was home to Leonardo, are delightful treasures with stunning views and endless charm.

The next six nights will be in the picturesque town of Castiglione Della Pescaia, but first a stop in Pisa to view the famous leaning tower. You’ll find a hike through Maremma Natural Park, an untouched area with rich, unspoiled flora and fauna is a special and super pleasant day.

There are a few days without hiking, allowing time to spend on your own, to relax, shop or enjoy the amenities of your hotel. Hikes range from 2 to 4 hours with stops for sightseeing, exploring charming villages, delicious Tuscan lunches and vineyard visits.

Throughout our sojourn, enjoy delicious traditional cuisine as only the Italians can do. Some will be prepared by local families who take pride in recipes which have been in their families for centuries. Olives from their own groves, prosciutto, mortadella, pancetta and of course, wine from their own cellars, is plentiful.

I invite you to join tour escort, Mary Taylor, on this delightful, adventure discovering Italy’s historic and cultural heritage and taking in many of Tuscany’s stunning landscapes. As with past tours to this region, we expect it to fill early. Reserve your space before May 31st and save $200 per person.

PS If you’ve already enjoyed our Tuscany Hiking Tour, why not hop on our Alpine Beauty. This active journey departs September 22 to October 5 and explores the Bavarian and Austrian Alps, featuring a good balance of visits to this region’s great sightseeing attractions and activity in the great outdoors. The tour is selling well and there is an early booking bonus of $200 per person if booked by May 31st.

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