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President's Pick by David Craig - Iceland

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On occasion, a tour sells out very quickly and that is what has happened with our May 2019 Iceland adventure.  Iceland these days is an extremely popular destination. In fact, in 2018 it was voted by the readers of Travel and Leisure magazine as “Destination of the Year.” Due to the overwhelming response to our first tour, I am delighted to announce that we have secured space for a second tour this year departing September 16. September is the perfect month to visit as crowds are somewhat smaller and the weather is still relatively mild and pleasant. At this time of year, days are shorter and nights are full and dark, making chances excellent for viewing the northern lights.

Our “fire and ice” adventure takes us to a land unlike anywhere else in the world. The country is small, just 40,000 square miles. It is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, directly east of Greenland and it’s Europe’s western most country. We’re told that there are now more tourists than citizens each year and visitor figures continue to grow. That’s why now is the time to visit.

So why all the fuss? It’s Iceland’s sheer natural beauty for a start. In a country this small we discover spectacular glaciers, powerful waterfalls, spouting geysers, bubbling geothermal activity, moss-covered lava fields, rugged craggy seaside and many active volcanoes, all with names that are impossible to pronounce! Then there is the famous Blue Lagoon spa, an otherworldly wonder in the heart of a black volcanic landscape where we have the opportunity to bathe in the warm milky-blue rejuvenating waters. National Geographic named the Blue Lagoon one of the top 25 wonders of the world. We’ll experience whale-watching, visit Europe’s largest ice field and enjoy a cruise among the icebergs! With the somewhat smaller crowds in the fall, we are able to enjoy all of this natural beauty that much more.

I should also mention the delightful and delicious Icelandic cuisine and the welcoming, adventurous Icelandic people. They are great lovers of the outdoors with a fascinating Viking history and a vibrant culture. And they’re eager to show it off in their friendly and charming manner. As with our May tour, we expect this journey to fill quickly, so I recommend that you reserve your space early! Book by March 29 and save $200 per person!

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See spectacular glaciers!,The natural phenomenon of geysers.,,Many powerful waterfalls are scattered throughout Iceland,,Incredible scenery awaits you!,,,

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