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President's Pick - Antarctic Cruise by Robert Craig

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Few places on earth come close to the grand expanse and powerful beauty of the Antarctic. This majestic slice of unparalleled, untouched beauty where nature rules, is far beyond most expectations. Those who are fortunate enough to experience it, come home inspired and awestruck long after the noisy penguins and sea lions and calving glaciers have been left behind.

For our January 2022 Antarctic expedition, we are very pleased to be partnering with Adventure Canada and the ms Ocean Endeavour, a purpose-built expedition ship for remote environments. In addition to Ocean Endeavour, efficient zodiacs are part of the experience and bring us up close and personal. Adventure Canada says “By travelling with local experts, learned scholars, scientists, artists, authors, and expedition specialists, we hope to help our clients open their minds and hearts. We know we have succeeded when our clients become ambassadors for the places we visit, the cultures we get to know, the animals and the environment we appreciate along the way and the planet itself."

Make no mistake, there is no shortage of comfort onboard. The onboard spa, library, hot tub, sauna, gift shop, lounges, and viewing areas are comfortable and inviting. Presentations and lectures by onboard specialists provide fascinating information on the region and the ports to be visited. Theme parties, concerts and yes, even polar plunges ensure that there is something for everyone.

Our voyage begins with two hotel nights and fully inclusive sightseeing in beautiful Buenos Aires, home of the tango. Then, we board a flight to Ushuaia, the most southern city in the America’s, where we will spend a night before boarding Ocean Endeavour and the start of nature’s finest event. Almost instantly, we leave civilization behind and the magical, dramatic show of shows begins.

The Antarctic’s wildlife is incredibly abundant, protected by its remoteness, minimal human habitation and undisturbed by hunting. An excellent camera is a must for capturing the unending spectacle of the massive and glistening icebergs, orca whales close-up, vast colonies of sea lions and penguins. Then head out on deck to watch for the mighty albatross flying overhead. We are thrilled to be part of this Adventure Canada expedition that allows us to visit small communities without drawing upon their precious resources and to enter fragile environments such as national parks, bird sanctuaries, and marine protected areas and leave them undisturbed.

As you can see, this expedition is not your usual bucket list experience. It is truly an out-of-this-world, wondrous “event” that few travellers are lucky enough to witness. It is best suited for the fit and active adventurer looking to experience incredible places seldom seen, and some of the world’s farthest flung regions. We will travel with local guides and cultural ambassadors and learn what life is like in a region where the people call it home.

I encourage you to study our day-by-day itinerary to see what all the excitement is about. While our voyage doesn’t take place until January 2022, I strongly urge those who are serious about booking, to do so as soon as possible. There are tremendous savings of up to $5,900 per person if you book by March 31, 2021! With only 198 passengers onboard Ocean Endeavour, these incredible savings and the prospect of one of life’s most spectacular experiences in the balance, space will not last long. Call your Craig Travel Cruise Specialist today at 1-800-387-8890 for all of the details and to book or email us. Find your place on the planet where nature has its finest moments!

Join our Antarctic adventure January 23 - February 10, 2022 - click here for details.  

An excellent camera is must for capturing vast colonies of sea lions and penguins,Nature's finest event will be enjoyed on your Ocean Endeavour voyage,The Antarctic's wildlife is incredibly abundant!,ms Ocean Endeavour, a purpose-built expedition ship for remote environments,Gorgeous scenic views are endless!,,,