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President's Message - Our State of Wanderlust

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Despite the current state of the world and its effect on the travel industry, our office continues to receive messages from clients, like you. You're reaching out to let us know how much you have enjoyed past journeys and how much you are looking forward to your next exploration once the current situation is behind us. You recall how easily you once planned your vacations, anticipated the journey and came home expounding to family and friends about the wonderful experience you enjoyed. You are also expressing how you’re in a state of wanderlust, excitedly dreaming about what your next destination might be.

While we continue to work from home, we’re also thinking about exciting destinations, as we plan our journeys for 2021 and beyond.  We’re looking forward to great escapes away from routine with opportunities to learn and discover new lands as we’ve done so easily in the past.

How spoiled we’ve been with freedom to explore our world at will, to parts unknown whenever the desire struck. While we’re not yet sure what the future vision of travel will look like, we’re confident that the world will welcome us again once this troubling time has passed. The pandemic has shown humankind how connected we are no matter our location, culture, or economic status. The travel industry and humanity have weathered many recent storms such as the economic downturn and recession of 2008, the SARS epidemic, and the events of 9/11. No matter what, we have survived and thrived after each new challenge. This too shall pass, and we’ll soon be looking at a new and a different world. Clearly there will be many positives that emerge from all of this, not the least of which will be the enhanced health and safety of all travellers. All sectors of the travel industry are striving to create and establish best practices, share information and create an environment where travellers feel carefree and comfortable with stepping out and experiencing our world once again.  

Our world is waiting for you. While you’re at home wondering when you can travel again, take some time to plan and make the next trip really count.  Keep the wanderlust alive!  Let us help you stay inspired about the next adventure the future holds for you. Join any one of our wish lists as we continue to add them to our website. Once you add a destination to your wish list, you’ll receive email content meant to inspire a journey when travel bans are lifted. This inspiration will include unique travel stories, helpful tips, enticing videos and photos, lessons on language and culture, and moments of joy and wanderlust! Just email us to join any wish list, and watch your inbox! We encourage you to join a list, keep dreaming about travel, and start planning your next dream trip!

You mean a great deal to us and we cannot wait to delight you with more opportunities to explore this amazing world we are fortunate to call home.

Craig Travel President, 
Robert Craig