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Photography, Wildlife and a Way of Life by Bob Raaflaub, Craig Traveller

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East Africa is not just a trip for photography, but also one meant to see the interaction of wildlife and a way of life for the people. The vastness of the country is awesome: the roads away from the paved highways are an experience in themselves, and of course the way vehicular traffic moves in the cities and villages is very difficult to explain and understand that road rage does not exist. All vehicles and pedestrians seem to have a special sense of knowing when and how to integrate without causing complications for each other. Even the herds of cattle on the streets seem to co-exist with the traffic and pedestrians.

The Maasai people, who are basically the indigenous peoples, live in harmony with one another and nature. Many are now afraid that education will ultimately lead to the demise of their customs and way of life. Even though by our standards their way of life is quite primitive, they are a peaceful, honest, happy and well organized people. One could assume that they are just another species of creature on the planet who rely on a relationship with nature to survive. All creatures including the native people are either predators or victims of predation and as such, are in a constant state of awareness of their surroundings. This whole experience was truly amazing and thought provoking. Again many thanks!

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