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Passions of Chile and Argentina March 2015 by Joyce and Richard Poth

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The Passions of Chile and Argentina are numerous, varied and wonderful.  And this tour has one of the best planned itineraries that we have experienced.

Chile and Argentina are separated by the vast Andes mountains. Our journey took us over these mountains, allowing us to experience awesome mountain scenery, switchback roads, a newly built tunnel and the ski area where our Canadian Ski team practices during Canada’s summer.  We then experienced the view from the air as we flew back to Santiago, soaring over the snow capped mountain peaks and deep valleys.

Chile and Argentina have an extremely diverse geography with mountains, deserts, volcanoes, forests, grasslands, fjords, coastlines, rivers and valleys.

We enjoyed some of the best food and presentation of food that we have ever experienced. Some dishes looked too good to eat but we did and they were delicious!  Our wine and food pairing lunch was wonderful and it was interesting to have dinner in a Chilean home.


We visited a wonderful variety of wineries, each with their own story, history and setting. The wineries use a variety of methods, a variety of containers, from concrete to oak to stainless steel and are situated in wonderful scenic areas.

All of the hotels used on this tour were fantastic - well appointed, well situated luxurious accommodations located in the city centres, with many activities at our front door.

Our guides were the most knowledgeable and interesting guides that we have encountered on our tours. We even had the opportunity to meet our Chilean guides’ little daughter, a real treat.

There were so many highlights and memorable expriences on this tour…the changing of the guard at the presidential palace in Santiago; the coastline and colourfully painted houses in Valparaiso; the star gazing; the Colchagua museum including an exhibit on the 33 trapped miners in Chile; the desert city of Mendosa that uses canals to water their trees; the fabulous parade and unforgettable Wine Festival show; unbelievable Iguassu Falls which makes Niagara Falls look small; the artists' area called La Boca; Recoleta cemetery; the energetic Tango Show in Buenos Aires;  the Gaucho cowboys rodeo; the opera house tour and seeing Pope Francis' home cathedral in Buenos Aires. 

This tour certainly showcases the real passions of Chile and Argentina and we recommend it highly!

Experience the Passions of Chile and Argentina in February 2016!