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Paris Normandy River Cruise September 2014 by Pam Cannon

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Would you like a holiday where you are pampered, spoiled, and treated to gourmet food at every meal? Would you like to learn more about Monet and Van Gogh? Would you like to explore romantic chateaux and wander quaint, cobbled streets in tiny villages? If this appeals to you, as it did to Nick and I and a happy group of travellers, then the Paris / Normandy River Cruise is it!

Life on board our AMA Waterways vessel was a lovely experience.  The food is top notch and wine, beer and soft drinks are included with every lunch and dinner.  There is even champagne and orange juice on the breakfast buffet!   The staff on board are friendly and attentive and shore excursions are included in every port.

The river Seine appears to have fewer river boats than some of the other rivers - consequently the villages and small towns are never overrun with tourists....a wonderful plus.

The Monet homestead and flower gardens are magnificent. What a treat to walk through the field that Monet bought just so that he could paint the haystacks - the farmer had moved them and annoyed Monet!

Van Gogh lived a short, troubled life and the attic where he spent his last days is preserved for all to see.  The “artistic walk” through the village is a series of delights, as each of his paintings is displayed in poster form in front of the building or staircase or garden and other locations throughout the village.

The Normandy Beaches provided insight into the D-Day landings and the Canadian Centre is a credit to the people who designed it and who maintain it.  All the guides are young, bilingual Canadians.  They are always looking for recruits, so if you know of anyone who would be interested in working here for a few months, this would be an interesting (and paid) position.

Our last two days in Paris finished this wonderful vacation with a flare. This is the place where you wear your walking shoes and enjoy!  You might even say a little prayer that you don’t have to drive your car around the Arc d’Triomphe!

This delightful river cruise will not disappoint even the most discerning of travellers…..a wonderful experience!

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