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Our Top 5 Winter Getaways

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For many Canadian travellers, the winter getaway is an essential part of their year, to soak up some much needed sun before returning home to the Great White North. This year, the winter escape will be very different, as many would-be visitors decide to forgo their tropical trips in order to stay safe at home. With winter looming around the corner, we’ve gathered a list of our top five favourite winter getaways that we are eagerly planning a journey to once travel is once again a viable option. Many of the countries we’ve listed have opened their borders to travellers, so while it is possible to visit any of theses beautiful locations at the moment for those ready to travel, this list also serves as escapist eye candy until the time is right to safely travel again in the future.


Greek Island port


Greece has officially opened its borders to travellers from select countries, including Canada, and is welcoming the return of tourists as a winter getaway destination. While the weather is not quite warm enough to swim and sunbathe, exploring Greece in the winter is a great opportunity to see the most popular sights without the oppressive heat and huge crowds. After discovering everything that Athens has to offer, why not embark on a luxurious Mediterranean cruise to visit several of the spectacular Greek Islands? Craig Travel’s Aegean Gems cruise with Seabourn has recently had a big price reduction and since it departs in October, the weather is still warm enough to take a dip in the deep cerulean waters and enjoy the taste of the sunkissed cuisine. With stops to Syros, Spetses, Santorini, and two nights in exotic Istanbul, our Aegean Gems cruise is sure to whisk you away to many secluded beaches to unwind and relax.


Winter Getaway Costa Rica, Beach


If you’re searching for a winter getaway that includes rest and relaxation, but also the opportunity for adventure, look no further than Costa Rica! As of the beginning of November, Costa Rica has “allowed all countries to enter by air as long as they meet the country’s visa and COVID-19 entry requirements”. Some highlights of a Costa Rican winter escape includes the country’s tropical climate and lush jungles, plentiful wildlife sightings of many species of birds and animals, and the country's strong ecological conservation measures. Costa Rica's geography is extremely diverse, allowing visitors to discover volcanoes, walk among the clouds in treetop jungles, and relax along it's many pristine beaches. Costa Rica is a photographer’s dream, as there is undisturbed beauty around every corner. After a day of discovery, relax at one of the gorgeous hotels either by the pool or indulge in a visit to the jungle hot springs. With two departure dates in February, this is a perfect winter escape for those with both an adventurous spirit and an appreciation for nature.  


Machu Pichu, Peru


Peru offers a winter escape of a different kind, where intrepid traveller’s trade in their bathing suits and flip-flops for backpacks and hiking boots. Craig Travel’s exploration of Peru is a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding exploration of this culturally rich and geographically stunning country. Discover the land of the Incas, explore the majestic heights of Machu Picchu, and witness the beauty and diversity of the Andes Mountains. Similar to Costa Rica, Peru has also recently opened its borders to several different countries (including Canada), and is limiting the capacity of visitors to Machu Picchu and the Inca trail to protect its visitors from COVID-19. Peru, and its people, share a fascinating and colourful history, one that is sure to enliven your spirit from the winter doldrums. This is truly a trip of a lifetime and one not to be missed.


Babados beach


If a more traditional winter getaway is what you’re after, look no further than beautiful Barbados! With its gorgeous beaches, friendly people, and famous for being the birthplace of rum, Barbados is the perfect destination to bask in the sun, enjoy a cocktail and leave your worries behind. Overall, Barbados has experienced a low caseload of COVID-19, and has done an excellent job of controlling the spread of the virus. The country officially reopened for tourism back in July, and is welcoming tourists from all countries as long as they follow specific entry requirements depending on the entry-country’s risk factor. If you’ve been dreaming of a tropical trip down south, why not consider Craig Travel's Caribbean Odyssey cruise, with stops not only in Barbados, but other exotic island nations like Aruba, Curacao, and St. Maarten. Plan your escape from the dreary February weather and discover some of the Caribbean’s most fascinating islands.


Jamaican beach


Sometimes you truly just want to disconnect from others and get away from it all – just you, a loved one, and some glorious uninterrupted time sunbathing, catching up on your reading, and listening to the rhythm of the waves lapping the shore. Jamaica is a perfect destination to unwind, where total relaxation beckons along with the sounds of some smooth reggae beats. Famous for its beaches, Jamaica has so much more to offer including several beautiful golf courses, exploring the Dunn's River Falls, horseback riding along the shore and of course, discovering the home of Bob Marley. If your ideal winter getaway includes getting to know one location intimately and leisurely at your own pace, make sure to ask about our Freestyle travel options. Send an email to Jen Craig, and ask about how Craig Travel can create a custom designed itinerary to Jamaica, or any destination you can dream of and Craig Travel will design a trip tailored specifically for you and your travel needs.


If you're interested in any of these fantastic winter getaway ideas, make sure to contact us to find out how you can start planning your next journey once travelling is safe to enjoy again.