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Off The Ship In... Vancouver!

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It’s full steam ahead for cruise lines to once again sail our Canadian waters allowing cruise lines to carry on with itineraries in Canada, Alaska and New England as of April 1, 2022. “Canada is now ready to welcome cruise ships safely back to our waters,” said Transport Canada. Click here to see the statement.

One of Canada’s most sought-after ports is spectacular Vancouver and it is here where Alaska Inside Passage cruises begin and/or end. Vancouver is the perfect city to extend your cruise vacation, with countless sites and attractions. What a great opportunity to immerse yourself in its history, culture, outdoor adventures and delicious food!

Vancouver... Our Gateway to Alaska is NOW OPEN!

Explore Alaska, Denali and the Yukon August 1 – 13
Alaska and the Yukon are the last frontiers of North America. This is a land too wild to be tamed with rugged peaks, raging rivers, grand vistas and hardy people. Its history is relatively short, having only been explored during the gold rushes at the end of the nineteenth century. In recent years a new “gold” rush has taken its place with the search for oil, but the land remains wild and inviting. Come with us…

Discover Alaska’s Inside Passage August 6 – 13
The Inside Passage is a sheltered waterway between Vancouver and the British Columbia mainland that extends north to Alaska. It is known for its calm waters and excellent scenery. Alaska cruises from Vancouver include Glacier Bay where we will watch awestruck, as a pinnacle of ice splits from the glacial cliff and crashes into the sea. Wildlife sightings include harbor seals, mountain goats, humpback whales, a school of orcas, bald eagles, and even black bears…

Vancouver’s sites and attractions are endless and we feel any Alaska cruise vacation should include some time in this magnificent city!

Vancouver... Majestic Mountains, Sparkling Ocean, and Rainforests!

A great place to start your city exploration is Vancouver Lookout at Harbour Centre, with a spectacular 360° view of Metro Vancouver, the majestic North Shore Mountains and perhaps even Vancouver Island just off the Pacific Coast. Your experience starts as you climb the outside of the building in an exterior glass elevator where in 40 seconds you are whisked from street level to the observation deck. Upon arrival, 167 meters above sea level you are looking down on one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Just 15 minutes from downtown, Grouse Mountain sits on the edge of wilderness and civilization. Take the mountain’s Super Skyride to a mountaintop of spectacular views and adventure featuring ziplines, helicopter tours, paragliding, hiking trails, restaurants and a Refuge for Endangered Wildlife.

From the cruise ship terminal downtown, take a stroll along the seawall promenade to Stanley Park or venture into distinctive cultural neighbourhoods like Gastown, Yaletown and Chinatown.

Vancouver has a delightful choice of art galleries, entertainment venues, restaurants and outdoor cafes. You will know you’ve reached the Vancouver Art Gallery when you see street performers who attract passersby in front of the building, a neoclassical courthouse. Restaurants of every taste, description and price are plentiful.

The Vancouver Aquarium is home to over 50,000 fascinating creatures from the Arctic to the Amazon. Be sure to catch daily dolphin, shark and sea otter shows, and for an unforgettable extra try a hands-on animal encounter.

Sports enthusiasts can relive some of BC sport’s greatest moments in the city’s Hall of Champions and Best of BC Galleries. Experience the 2010 Olympic Games all over again, and stand on the podium where the Canadian Men’s short track 5,000m relay speed skating team were presented their gold medals. Learn about Canadian heroes Terry Fox, Rick Hansen, and Greg Moore, and see artifacts from their personal collections. Take a peek into BC Place Stadium through a large viewing window!

Take a morning ferry to Granville Island. Despite being home to 300 businesses, studios and facilities, the destination still retains an old-fashioned, timeless feeling. Craftsmen and artists take up residence here, and it's clear that the tradition of apprenticeship and mastery is alive and well. Granville Island's architecture, much of which comprises remodeled warehouses, whisper of the island's industrial past. Visit the colourful Granville Market packed with fresh seafood, meats, spices, fresh vegetables, fruit and sweet treats.

This bustling seaport on Canada's West coast has long been a popular cruise port and excellent tourist destination. Be sure to include some time in this magnificent city before you set out to take in Alaska's splendours!

Alaska photo credit Holland America Cruise Lines