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Off The Ship in... Oranjestad, Aruba

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Have you ever considered searching the meaning of a country’s flag before setting foot on its lands for the first time? You’ll be surprised by how much you can learn from an association of shapes and colours… Case in point - the flag of Aruba. Understanding the meaning of each of the flag’s elements will help you delve into the values and authenticity of Aruba. 
A blue background adorned with 2 horizontal yellow lines and a 4-pointed red star outlined in white in the top left corner - what do you think all this says about the happiest Caribbean island? 
If you’ve associated the blue background as a representation of the sea that surrounds the island, you are on the right path! As a famous Caribbean destination, you must explore the island’s beaches, at least for a stroll if sunbathing is not your cup of tea. There is nothing more invigorating than the feeling of warm sand tickling your toes as you follow the sound of the waves delicately lapping against the shore.  Active explorers will love being able to learn to scuba dive and appreciate the beauty of this delightful island from underwater. You will even get to know more about the coral formations, varied fish species and explore shipwrecks!
The two yellow lines on the flag are a symbol of freedom and evolution of the island’s own identity after they separated from the Kingdom in the Netherlands in 1986. Oranjestad, the island’s capital, offers a peculiar combination of Caribbean influenced modernity and an extensive Dutch architectural heritage. Strolling the city’s streets is a different experience. Your sight is confused by your impression of being in Europe, while the vibrant colours highlighting each building and the brilliant sun will gently remind you that you are in the Caribbean. 
The colour yellow illustrates abundance and the island’s rich history when gold, aloe and oil industries were significant contributors to the local economy. Discover the ruins at one of the island’s gold mines to understand how this industry shaped the island of today. Take advantage of this visit to explore the natural heritage and immensity of Arikok National Park - a national treasure that is home to a plethora of animal species, plants, spectacular caves, atypical land formations, Indian rock drawings, and so much more.
The culture of Aruba has been influenced by many settlers from all over the world. This cultural mix resulting in the people’s unity is symbolized by the red star pointing at the four compass points. As for the colour red, you’ll ask why this bright colour? Well, red is known to be the colour of love and there is no Aruban who is not proud of their identity and loves their island. 

Sailing to Oranjestad is a diverse and incredible eye-opening experience. Take in the island’s history and culture in Oranjestad and then go beyond the capital’s boundaries. Explore all of Aruba, you will not regret it.
Do not miss the opportunity to sail through the Caribbean and learn more about Aruba! Combine your exploration of this happy island with a cruise through the Panama Canal, for a unique voyage. Better yet, spend the last day of 2019 in the Caribbean’s happiest island celebrating on your Holland America Line Christmas voyage. David and Roslyn Craig will also have the pleasure to indulge in this unforgettable setting as part of the 2020 President’s Cruise sailing around South America and the Caribbean. 
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Explore Oranjestad's beautiful architecture - Credit Holland America Line,Enjoy the Caribbean's warm waters - Credit Holland America Line,Famous divi trees of Aruba - Credit Holland America Line