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Off the Ship in... Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

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Alaska? It's a lot more than majestic snow capped mountains, cracking thousands year old glaciers or breathtaking sunsets over incomparable fjords. Alaska is a land of surprises where you never know what to expect. Around every corner lies the potential of creating long lasting memories, just like the one Lorraine shared after her exploration of Alaska, the Yukon and Denali. “A few years ago, during the land portion of the Craig Travel "Alaska, Denali & the Yukon journey", something special happened while our coach was winding its way along the scenic, but nearly deserted roadway in Alaska. Someone yelled out "bear!" Our driver safely stopped and pulled over to the side of the road. A brown bear was a stone's throw away...magical! You may have heard people say that “travelling makes us feel young.” Well, it’s true. Travelling awakens the child-like wonder in all of us. There were sounds of excitement as we all jumped up to get a look at the bear. What an unexpected, marvelous moment to experience the sight of two adorable cubs scampering up a tree while Mamma bear stood guard at its base.”

In addition to being a land of the unexpected, Alaska, and Ketchikan in particular, is incredibly rich and diverse. Parts of this richness comes from the remarkable art the inhabitants of Alaska's first town create. Winter’s cold temperatures never discourage the artists, they are but a source of inspiration to make unique art creations. Over 350 of the local residents are registered artists making the city of Ketchikan a living museum! Visiting art stores and galleries is a must if you want to fully understand the local culture. 

Ketchikan was founded in the 19th century as a salmon cannery. Because of its prime location by the ocean, fishing has always been a huge draw to the city and a means of survival for its population. Should you want to test your patience all the while you learning about the history of this very first settement, try casting your fishing rod to see how many salmons you can catch! 

Next year, you have the possibiity to explore this intriguing part of the world onboard 2 Holland America Line adventures! Whether you want to cruise the Inside Passage or combine a cruise amongst glaciers with unique sights of Denali and the Yukon, you will absolutely love Ketchikan and its authenticity. 

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