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New Year, New Travel Goals

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Travel Resolutions to Look Forward to in 2021

As we turn the pages into 2021 we can all look forward to a promising new chapter as we pull together to defeat a microscopic virus that has altered our daily life. With the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccines, it’s with renewed optimism that I’ve put pen to paper to keep up the tradition of setting goals and resolutions for 2021. Last year was the first in over 15 years that I didn’t venture out of the country, or even the province, to feed that travel bug that bites so hard.

Like many, travel is always one of my annual goals as I set forth to explore new cultures, see new wonders and taste my way around this world of delicious delicacies. For my 2021 wish list, I’m choosing one place I’d love to return to and one new destination that I can’t wait to explore.

Sydney Opera House in Australia

Looking Forward to Australia and Jamaica


Take me back to Jamaica!
"Jamaica is brimming with culture, delicious cuisine and the most welcoming people. This beautiful island has always served as a sun shiny reprieve from our Canadian winters, but this year, she is my first stop whenever travel restrictions are lifted. There’s nothing better than getting off a plane and hearing “welcome home” from the locals."

Look down! Waaay down…under and you’ll find me.
"After so many months at home I know I’m going to be less likely to complain about a long plane ride, so let’s aim for Australia in 2021. Australia and Tasmania have long been on my wish list and I think this is the year to go far and explore all of the fascinating wildlife and indigenous culture this floating continent holds. But don’t expect me back anytime soon! After being home for so long, and with Australia being such a big place, both she and I are deserving of an in-depth exploration."

- Melanie, Marketing Manager & Group Escort

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Lagoon in Tahiti

Looking Forward to Cruising through Europe and Tahiti


Take me back to Europe!
“I‘m so looking forward to boarding a ship again and unpacking only once! While it will be different, it will also be familiar. Returning to Europe, whose history is much older than ours – walking the cobblestones and enjoying the atmosphere – would be great."

Looking forward to the Tahitian sun...
"My bucket list includes cruising on Paul Gauguin to Tahiti and the Society Islands, which is a great part of the world to see on a wonderful ship. Beaches, warm seas, a tropical cocktail in hand  – what a delightful trip to look forward to after lockdown!”

Joilyn, Sales Specialist & Group Escort

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Sea turtle in the Caribbean

Looking Forward to Bermuda and Alaska


Take me back to Bermuda!
“Oh to savour it all once again… fresh local lobster and decadent chowders, refreshing rum-spiked tropical beverages, and those incredible shorelines fringed with blushing sands and turquoise waters crashing against towering rock formations jetting out of the ocean.  The natural beauty of this island continues to draw me in, and will definitely be one of the first destinations I return to when things open up.  Read here about our casual hike of the south shores of Bermuda a few years ago.  How I miss it so and look forward to doing it again!"

Ready for my Alaskan cruise experience!
"When the time is right, I am excited about experiencing the pampered luxury of Holland America Line once again, and even more excited about witnessing the jaw-dropping scenery of unspoiled nature, majestic mountains, glaciers, fjords, and crystal clear lakes, waterfalls and National Parks of Alaska.  Sign me up!"

- Yvonne, Marketing Specialist

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There have been a lot of reports in the press about how having something to look forward to can change your daily outlook on life. In light of this, I’m setting my resolutions and sending that positivity out into the universe. I invite you to do the same! Send us yours at: