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Mysterious Morocco

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If you are looking for a tour that is unique, fascinating and oh-so-interesting, choose Morocco! It was a tour that was different from any other that we have been on. We felt completely safe and enjoyed wonderful temperatures under sunny skies every day.

We stayed in riads rather than hotels - all different. One of them had the bathroom up a flight of 14 steep steps! Another was just like a Turkish harem. Of course our favourite stay was a night in the Sahara sand dunes in luxury tents. This camp was reached by riding in 4X4s across the sand dunes for about 30 kms…itself a great experience.

Our camel ride at sunset was a highlight, as was a trek up a very narrow, rocky mountain path, across a river via a series of rocks to visit a Berber family.

We attended a cooking school which was a highlight for everyone.

Walking in the souks is having your senses bombarded. The sounds, the smells, the sights all combine in a wonderful way.

There are thousands of cats everywhere and, for the most part, they are well fed and appear to be healthy.

We learned about the Muslim way of life and gained an insight into the religion. The country is very peaceful. The border with Algeria is completely closed. No one comes in and no one goes out.

We visited a school in a remote mountain village. The children speak Berber, but were learning the alphabet in French and their lessons were conducted in classic Arabic!!

Our final dinner was at Rick’s Café in Casablanca. It was great. Good atmosphere and replicated from the movie, although not one minute of that movie (Casablanca) was made in Casablanca!!!

The scenery was incredible. The people were welcoming. The food was mostly chicken or beef served in tagines, lots of veggies, and couscous. The Moroccan menu is definitely unique to that part of the world….fresh, tasty, delicious!

Don’t hesitate to sign on for the next deparure, it's such a delightful journey!   Visit the Destination Morocco webpage for more inspiration!