Keen exploration and gentle relaxation - that’s how fall is celebrated along the majestic Danube River | Craig Travel

Keen exploration and gentle relaxation - that’s how fall is celebrated along the majestic Danube River

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In 2020, embark the luxurious Amadeus Silver II and start an enchanting voyage northbound along the beautiful Danube River. Celebrate the arrival of fall as you learn of Europe’s eventful and captivating history; discover hidden villages locals cherish and uncover the treasures they hold; treat your palate to delicate and authentic flavours… The best part of it all? You get to multiply these experiences by 6 as you sail across six of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful countries.  
This river cruise is the ultimate voyage for avid cruisers who feel they have seen all that Europe has to offer. This unique itinerary will take you to less touristy cities and villages for a pleasant and stress-free vacation! Case in point, Belgrade! Serbia’s capital may rarely mark the top of travellers’ bucket lists and yet, it is surprisingly delightful! Did you know that Belgrade’s majestic Orthodox Church of Saint Sava is the world’s second largest Orthodox Church? Its construction started in 1935 at the exact location where the relics of Saint Sava were burnt by the Turks three centuries earlier. Its architecture and history make it an unmissable sight on your visit to the Serbian capital!
River cruising also means you will have ample time to enjoy the amenities your delightful cabin and ship offer, all the while beautiful fall scenery unveils before your eyes. Cruising through the Iron Gates, one of the most beautiful gorges in the world will be a highlight of a leisurely cruising day. Serving as a border between Romania and Serbia, it is a well-sought location for birders. If you have binoculars, put them on the top of your packing list as you will see hundreds of species of aquatic birds that have made the gorge their home with its mild weather.
Incomparable history, breathtaking and diverse landscapes, attentive crew and delectable cabins… What else can you ask for? Early Booking Bonus! October 2020 is certainly a long time away but with early travel decisions come great savings! Book your cabin on our Grand Lower Danube cruise and deposit before November 29 and save $200 per person! That’s $200 that you can keep and spend on European gifts for the entire family! 
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