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I Can't Wait to Cruise Again!

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We reached out to some of our amazing Group Escorts to hear their thoughts on cruising in 2021. Guess what? It turns out that they’re just as excited to travel again as the rest of us! Here’s what three Group Escorts with upcoming cruises next year have to say about the current cruising situation and what they’re looking forward to the most once the world’s waterways are ready for travel once more.

Norway, Land of the Midnight Sun with Deborah Hart
May 1, 2021 to May 17, 2021

“I love to travel and I chose the Norway Land of the Midnight Sun cruise as my first choice for 2021 because of the amazing and ruggedly beautiful scenery, a mixture of ship, rail and shore excursions, and the educational opportunities on board the ship to learn about the nature, wildlife and culture we will encounter on our journey.  

In terms of caring about my carbon foot print on this earth, I appreciate that our ship has the vital purpose of carrying post and freight and not just passengers. Now if we could only get more fuel-efficient or other sources of energy for airplane flights!

In terms of the current concerns about COVID-19, I'm reassured that the ship is a smaller one with a capacity for only 590 passengers, and due to our more remote destination, rather than being in a lot of large crowded cities, we will often be in smaller communities and will definitely have access to an abundance of fresh, clean air! It will be a wonderful opportunity to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of this unique part of our world and meet the people who treasure it.”

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Alaska, Denali and the Yukon with Cathy Semler
July 30 2021 to August 11, 2021

“What I look forward to about travelling in the future is the sense of adventure. I remember well hearing the crackling ice sailing by a glacier the last time I was on a cruise travelling through the Inside Passage. When travelling, every corner unveils a new scene and a new opportunity waiting to be explored. Travelling invokes the senses: the sights of majestic landscapes, the smells of different cuisines and the sounds of new experiences.”

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Barging in Provence, Sete to Arles plus Barcelon and Lyon with Linda Ujihara
September 6, 2021 to September 19, 2021

“My husband and I played a little game recently - if we had just one day to do whatever we wanted, no restrictions, what would that look like? We said we would gather a group of friends and together we would undertake a great adventure. We’d see beautiful sights, have gourmet meals prepared for us and share a few bottles of wine, all things that we have been missing over the past couple of months. It’s a bit of a wait, but we realized that our Craig Travel barge cruise in Provence in September 2021 ticked all the boxes. As inveterate travellers and cruisers, we can hardly wait for the day that ships, both on rivers and oceans, set sail once more. Yes, there will be new protocols and standards but these are intended to keep us all safe - the cruise lines are working hard at getting ready and we are ready to take advantage.”

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