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Holland America Line Commemorates 147th Anniversary

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This past month, Holland America Line (HAL) quietly commemorated its 147th anniversary, choosing to focus on both its company legacy while also looking towards a brighter future. With travel restrictions around the world shutting down most cruise lines, HAL used this moment to reflect on its resilience, having endured other challenges throughout its many decades in operation.

The cruise line was founded on April 18th, 1873 as the Netherlands-American Steamboat company and was initially both a shipping and passenger line. With headquarters located in Rotterdam, and frequent sailings to America, it became known as the Holland America Line. From the 1880s to the 1920s, the line became one of the main carriers of immigrants heading to the New World, bringing around 850,000 passengers to start a new life in the U.S. It was also one of the first cruise lines to offer itineraries to Alaska and the Yukon over 70 years ago, routes which it still sails today.

While operations are currently ceased, HAL has only experienced this once before during World War II, when it was asked to stop passenger voyages in order to serve the Allied war effort. Throughout its 147 year long history, HAL has operated over 150 ships which have sailed to all seven of the world’s continents. As of now, it has a fleet of fourteen modern yet classic ships with over 500 sailings a year to 98 different countries worldwide.

HAL is looking forward to the ban on sailing being lifted, and plans on releasing special offers featuring many perks and savings to help its loyal guests realize their cruising vacation dreams. Are you looking forward to cruising with Holland American again in the future? Contact one of our Cruise Specialists for more information, so you can make your future cruising dreams a reality.

Photo Credit: Holland America Line