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Holland America Line’s Reminiscence

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At Holland America Line, the reveal of a new ship is more than the occasion to present the innovations and improvements being brought in with the new addition to the fleet. It is also the opportunity to reminisce about the accomplishments made over the years by a dedicated team of engineers, creative interior designers and by all of the people involved in the creation of such a massive project. Looking back we remembering how it all started and know legacy and evolution can be honoured in the future. By naming their new ship “Ryndam”, Holland America Line is reflecting the cruise line’s “unique history […] while honoring previous ships that were progressive in their time as this last Ryndam will be.” announced Orlando Ashford, Holland America Line’s president. 
The name Ryndam was first launched over 100 years ago, in 1901, under the Dutch spelling Rijndam, which was then changed in 1923 to the English spelling we know today. Four years later, Ryndam I became the cruise line’s first ship to sail around the world. Ryndam II operated from 1951 to 1973. The third version of the ship ran from 1993 to 2015 and is now a part of the P&O Australia family under the name of Pacific Aria. 
The beginning of the Ryndam’s building process, or the symbolic steel cutting ceremony was held March 13 in Italy, marking the construction of Holland America Line’s 17th ship at the Fincantieri’s shipyard, Marghera. 
The elegant Ryndam should start sailing in 2021. Measuring 99,500 tons and carrying 2,662 guests, it will be a sister ship of the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam offering enhanced but also innovative amenities the Pinnacle Class ships are renowned for. 
Stay tuned as the itineraries that this beauty of engineering will take you on are yet to be announced. 


Artist rendering courtesy of Holland America Line