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Happy Friendship Day!

Happy International Friendship Day!

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Travel creates opportunities for us to meet people we might not give a second thought to walking down the street. It strips away the artifice and lets us walk away with some of the best friends we’ll ever know - friends who will be there our whole life, ready to pick up right where we left off whenever we happen to meet up again at home or abroad. 

As we begin planning and preparing for our upcoming journeys by sea, by river or by land, we are reminiscing about more than just the destinations we miss, but also the many great connections we've made during our travels and we are excited to get back to that again soon.  Here are some thoughts on how our lives have been blessed by the friendships we've made during our travels:

David and Roslyn Craig

"TRAVEL is about destinations, it is about experiences but, just as important, it is about friendships. Friendships of those with whom we share the destination and the experiences; the companionship of those with whom we travel and those whom we meet en route. Together they provide the memories that make travel so rewarding and the reason why life is so exciting. We live, we learn, we experience and we return home a more fulfilled and understanding individual. For many decades Roslyn and I have been overjoyed to share the experience of travel with hundreds if not thousands of friends and Craig Travel family members. Thank you all for sharing these friendships with us."

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Donna Rombough

"Experiencing new destinations in all corners of the world is a very gratifying opportunity; however, equally as rewarding to me are the wonderful friendships I've made with so many of our travellers along the way.  There is something very special about a phone call or message from a group member calling to chat and "catch up", long after we've returned home from a tour. The shared interest in a particular destination is just the beginning of the cherished friendships that often follow!"

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Nick and Pam Cannon

“Friend: someone who you know and like very much and enjoy spending time with.”  So says the Longman Dictionary. What an apt description of the people we have travelled with who have become very dear friends. Many of them we see on a regular basis. Those who live too far away we keep in contact through text, email and phone calls.

When we embarked on our 'journey' as group escorts with Craig Travel we could never have imagined the incredible places we would see, all the countries we would visit, BUT, most of all, the friendships we would make. To each and every one of them - Happy Friendship Day. "

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Jon and Sue Gurr

"We are so thankful that we have had the chance to make life-long friends through our tours with Craig Travel. It has allowed us to meet some incredible people over the years. There is something about those who enjoy exploring the world that has brought us together and has kept us close. The bond we now share has extended beyond travel and includes many wonderful times together. Travel alone can expand your horizons, but traveling in a group creates an opportunity for fellowship that will often lead to lasting friendships."

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Janet Williams

"When you are riding up high  on an elephant or camel and clinging to the person in front of you in order to not fall off - a friendship is struck that lasts a lifetime. Memories are made, laughter occurs and future trips are planned. There have been so many adventures as I have travelled the world and I have had many incredible opportunities to meet wonderful people and forge lasting, rewarding friendships. Happy International Friendship Day!"

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You Got a Friend

Pick up the phone and call your bestie because today is International Friendship Day.  Even if it's been a while since you've seen your go-to person, always remember: "True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart."  

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