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Group Travel Will be the Safe Way to See the World

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In a world of social distancing and doing ones best to avoid crowds and regional hot spots, group travel at first thought, may not seem like the best idea. In reality group travel has always offered some exceptional benefits, and that has not changed. From your family to your community or regional bubble, having a group, while maintaining social distancing creates an environment where contact tracing and knowing your mates is much easier. Travelling with a group is one of the decisions you can make that can ease the burden of navigating this new world when you are ready to explore. Group travel has been one of the most popular methods for people to experience the world for nearly a century. Making travel safer, comfortable and affordable, groups allow millions of people to explore destination that would be difficult to navigate on their own. Group travel has grown and adapted to meet the needs and desires of clients and will do so again, when we can get back to travelling.

There have always been benefits to travelling with a group. Many of us love the value for money spent, meeting new people and making friends, and the convenience of having it all organized for you. None of this will change in the our new world, but now you will also have the benefit of your travel agent organizing safety measures, vetting venues and destinations to ensure you have a safer travel environment. When you travel to that next destination with a Craig Travel group, we will take the worry out of travel.

The travel landscape is adjusting and becoming better equipped to protect your health. As we have seen over the past few months every travel provider is working on solutions that will better protect you and your loved ones from the spread of the virus. While these solutions at times may feel like an inconvenience it is in everyone's best interest to wear a mask when you cannot social distance and wash your hands often than to add to the spread of the virus.

Although travel may be more complicated for a time, we will be here when you are ready to travel again. Craig Travel will have all of the information and guidelines in place for each destination you visit with us on your future explorations. With the ever-evolving protocols, we are taking steps to offer smaller groups with extra seats on coaches, having hand sanitizer available for our groups and masks, should they be needed. We will continue to work with our dedicated partners around the world and adjust our best practices as governments and the travel industry defines and implements new safety requirements. As always, your travel documents will be detailed, providing you with peace of mind regarding the safety measures in place for your future departure.

For now, as we adapt to this new world that is starting to open up, we are focused on making sure that we can provide an environment where you can continue to experience our world with all of the beauty and diversity that is awaiting your discovery.