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Group Escort Report - Rocky Mountaineer Rail Journey

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With so many highlights on this trip – where does one begin? Perhaps with the bag pipes piping us on board, or the hot face towels and fresh orange juice awaiting us as we took our seats before departure. Talk about being spoiled! And this was just the beginning of experiencing gourmet meals, superb wait staff and exceptional scenery as we travelled through the Canadian Rockies on our train trip from Vancouver to Jasper, Alberta.

But let’s go back to the beginning. No sooner had we taken our seats, that I thought oh oh, I don’t like this announcement. However, was I ever wrong. As most of our group had chosen the up-graded ‘Gold Leaf Service,’ all our meals while on board were prepared and served on the lower floor of our coach as our seats were on the upper level. However, they could only serve half the passengers at once and we were selected for the second seating. Not to worry, as no sooner had the first seating departed the coach, out came the hot scones, clotted cream, homemade strawberry jam and hot tea and of course, all served at our seats. The waiters implied that this little snack was just to “tide us over” until the main breakfast was served downstairs. In a short while, the two groups traded places and it was our turn to experience the true gourmet breakfast, all the while gazing out the huge windows at the passing scenery and enjoying the company at our table.

To say the meals on board the Rocky Mountaineer were all gourmet and exceptionally tasty would be the understatement of the year!

Our group of 26 happy travellers, most of whom had been with us on the Alaska extension the week before, all now settled down to view the magnificent scenery as it passed by our windows, while we lounged in our over-sized seats and passed the time with complimentary drinks and snacks all the while we were on the train.

Need I say more? We had an exceptional time, not only because of the people on our Craig trip, but also the service offered by the train staff, the excellent weather we had and the fact that we were introduced to a very unique experience. If you have never experienced being spoiled like royalty, this journey through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery is a must, even if only for a few days – this is a trip that can’t be missed!

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